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Changing lives one child at a time.

Who We Are

A non-profit organization focused on serving children with disabilities.

What We Support

We support services and programs of VACD Sri Lanka by providing funding to serve children with disabilites and their families in some of the poorest provinces of Sri Lanka for whom we are their only hope.

What We Do

Funds go directly to help VACD Sri Lanka and it’s Centres to enrich the lives of children with disabilities by providing them with suitable life skills and accommodating them in loving and caring surroundings as well as providing training and guidance to parents that help them lead independent lives.


Our Mission

We help enrich the lives of children with disabilities in the poorest provinces of Sri Lanka by striving to eliminate poverty, ignorance, discrimination, social isolation, vilification, incest, and sexual abuse and promoting and encouraging local communities and the broader society to accept, value, uphold, and respect the rights of children with disabilities and assist these children to achieve their potential, dreams, and future aspirations.


Volunteers to Assist Children with Disabilities Limited (USA) Inc. (VACDUSA) was established in 2017 by a group of like-minded volunteers to organize resources to help children with disabilities in some of the poorest communities of Sri Lanka. VACDUSA (pronounced Vac – doo –saw) was inspired by an Australian business leader, International Banker, and Financial Investment Strategist Felix Stephen. His original idea gave birth to two organizations established in Sri Lanka (2011) and Australia (2012) and today he continues to serve VACDUSA as a special advisor to the Board.

Disabled children in rural Sri Lanka are a segment of society that is a forgotten population and marginalized by the society and communities in which they live. Most of these children come from low-income subsistence farming or unskilled worker families and many are supported by a single parent or maternal grandparents. Due to these situations, they have no safety net, welfare benefits, or support structure to get relief from these challenges and miseries.

Our aim is to raise funds to support VACD Sri Lanka in its programs to promote and improve the wellbeing of children with disabilities mainly in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka to other poor provinces across this island nation.

Serving one child at a time:

To help these children achieve their full potential we provide their parents with training and guidance to face the challenges of supporting their children. Through its Centres, VACD Sri Lanka provides children with disabilities special education, life skills, vocational training, and extracurricular activities such as music and dance classes. It also sponsors and coordinates health clinics at local hospitals to facilitate regular check-ups, therapy, and rehabilitation services. This support and care structure strengthens these children to become productive and valued members of their communities.

On an individual level, it helps these children ease their physical and intellectual impairments and provide them with skills to lead independent lives. At a community level, it helps ease the burden placed on parents and guardians and builds a much stronger accepting society while filling a severe shortage of these services in that region.

How VACD Sri Lanka achieves its mission

VACD Sri Lanka consistently engages with local communities, religious groups, businesses, government, and medical authorities to accomplish its mission. They have created discussion forums, awareness programs, and workshops that highlight the plight of children with disabilities in rural regions and bring to light what can be achieved to eliminate poverty, ignorance, discrimination, social isolation, vilification, incest, and sexual abuse while promoting and encouraging communities to value, uphold, and respect the rights of children with disabilities.

VACD Sri Lanka Numbers


According to census data children that desperately need VACD Sri Lanka’s help


$7,000 USD will enable VACD Sri Lanka to establish a new Centre and pay for an entire year’s cost.


90% or more of dona ons goes towards changing lives


VACD USA Board Members

Rasika Padmaperuma

Dilshad Ahmed

Ishani Padmaperuma

Ellie Fendler
Frank Fendler

Nelum Walpola
Mikhail Sookoor
Shan Willy

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